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Hurry Up !! Come On !! Grab the Prizes !! Hurry Up !! Come On !! Grab the Prizes !! Hurry Up !! Come On !! Grab the Prizes !!


We are glad to announce the beginning of our Global Deaf Film Festival. Global Deaf Film Festival is an event which hopes to bring together all people who are impaired hearing under are roof like the events orgainised by normal people.

This festival is an effort to show our skills to the world that we as a hearing impaired like the normal people can dance, draw, compete in sports, make films and many more magical moments of life since we feel the beat by our minds and heart. It is a big oppurtinity and challenge to do this function at such a grand scale and have proved this for years.

As we are god gifted children, we are happy the way we are, we need to show it to the world that we as a deaf community should not be neglected and Global Film Festival is one such event to prove it to world that we can celebrate the same with such uniqueness.

By Giving your kind blessing and support for deaf community you may helps is by being a part of such grand event organised by us every year.

Thanking You

Global Deaf Film Festival

Contact Us | Email : deaf_film@hotmail.com | Whatsapp : +91-9869142005

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